Tuesday, July 6, 2010

One week in

So far so good. I'm loving yoga everyday. I've never felt healthier or happier.
This past weekend was Independence Day, and normally on a family and friends packed holiday I would have skipped my practice. But, because I'm doing this project I woke up early and set did my own practice for 45 minutes while my hubby slumbered the morning away. I don't know if it was the yoga that morning, but I felt great the rest of the day, and was less inclined do drink or eat things that I knew were bad for my body.
I have already learned a lot about managing my energy. I've allowed myself to have two shorter practices this past week, because I also take Kung Fu and knew I would need to energy for that practice as well as a whole years worth of yoga. It's been amazing allowing myself to back off a bit during my practice. I've actually come to like child's pose.
Speaking of taking child's pose, on Wednesday I worked for over 10 hours and ran to home to change for yoga. I was starving, but didn't have time for a real meal. So I ate a chocolate bar and went to class! 30 minutes into class and I knew I had done something stupid. My stomach flip flopped and my head swam. What a mistake! But I learned a lot about backing off and taking care of your body, and I made it through class. Note to hungry yogis- Chocolate and hot yoga don't mix!
So as of right now, I'm loving my daily yoga practice!

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