Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Yoga and Traveling

Airplane at the airport

I had grand dreams of myself rising with the sun on Friday June 18th, and making my merry way to Amazing Yoga to take the early morning(6:30) class, kicking off the 365 days of yoga with a great practice। Instead, I overslept my alarm and woke to a phone call from my husband। There still would have been time to make it to class, if I rushed। I didn't. Instead, I spent the extra time that morning, texting my sister-in-law as she lay in the hospital about the give birth to my niece! I was so excited that I forgot everything about yoga. I left home and went to work in a daze of giddiness! My niece was going to be born on my birthday! By the time I left work, there was not a minute left for yoga. I packed my bags and drove to Maryland, where I was to meet up with my mom for our trip to Mexico.

So day one was a huge FAIL।

Days 2 through 7 soared by in a blissful yoga blur। At the teacher training I attended in Tulum Mexico, we took a morning meditative walk from 7am to 8am, followed by a breakfast comprised of completely "clean" (detoxifying) foods. At 9am every morning we met for a peer-led 2 hour practice. There was free time to enjoy the beach as well as lunch and workshops in the afternoon. The evening came with a sweaty 2 hour practice taught by the retreat leaders, Karen and Sean Conley. As I said before, it was a blissful yoga blur.

Day 8 was my trip back to reality and all the chaos that comes with it। That morning a tropical storm descended on top of the paradise resort. I spent the morning packing and watching the ocean churn. I left Mexico that day without having much of a chance to practice. However, we had a 3 hour layover at the Atlanta airport. So I used 30 minutes of this time to practice a bit of yoga at terminal 31A. People watched and made fun, and yes I was a bit embarrassed. But,it felt so great to get my body moving I ignored my ego and moved anyway.

Sunday (day 9) flew by and I almost forgot to practice, but managed to find some time before bed for some gentle evening movements and stretches।

Monday was a bit of chaos। I had to get the oil changed on my car before my drive back to Pittsburgh, and I spent the afternoon waiting for my car to be ready and the evening driving. When I got home I dashed off to my sister-in-laws house and fell madly in love with my new niece, Charlotte. I was head over heals and forgot all about practicing. No yoga was done that day. So day 9 was a major fail. I could have made yoga a priority and I didn't. I could have practiced early in the morning; life is full of could haves and should haves, and excuses about how yoga is hard to do while traveling.

So I am starting again। Today begins a new count. I've decided that I need to do a year straight of yoga, and each slip up, each time I forget to practice, I'll start the count again. Hopefully, it won't happen again.


  1. I think I see a pattern developing...our precious Charlotte is definitely a distraction :)

  2. a wonderful distraction indeed!