Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Anywhere, Anytime

I've been terribly busy lately. Rushing from my nannying gig to teaching yoga to all kinds of family and social things has kept my head and schedule spinning. This past weekend my husband and I planned on spending the Saturday at the lake. However, we did not plan to sleep in till 11. By the time we had gotten ready, all local yoga classes were long over. I told myself that I could practice by the lake, what a better serene place to connect with the universe. When I got there the beach was crowded with icecream-lickers, beach ball bouncers, soggy diapered kids! I tried doing a few inversions and a bikini clad down dog, needless to say I was awash with embarrassment. Lake yoga= fail.
That night we went to visit a good friend at his apartment. He has this open dining area without a table (typical bachelor). He practiced Tai Chi in that space, and I have to admit ever since my first visit to his apartment I have wanted to do yoga there. It is the perfect space, even if it is in someone else's abode. My husband and friend sat around watching Kung Fu videos and drinking beers while I watched the minutes tick by. It was getting closer and closer to midnight and I still hadn't done yoga! Was I going to have to start this year of yoga all over AGAIN?! I suddenly remembered that I had my mat in my car, and it came to me. Cue the light bulb!
I practiced in his little Tai Chi/ dining space, and it was great. I was amazed at how easily the breath took me out of the beer and Kung Fu atmosphere and into my own bodily experience. I was pulled away a couple times by raucous laughter, but all in all it was a great practice! And the night was a complete success because I finally convinced my friend to let me start teaching him yoga!
So far so good! I have not missed a day, and still love how the mere writing of this blog has forced me to make yoga a priority. I have never felt happier, calmer or healthier!

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