Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Yoga and Relaxation

On Friday subtle soreness filled most muscles in my body. So, instead of going to my usual 90 minute power yoga class, I took a restorative yoga workshop. In those 2 hours I realized that I have a very hard time letting myself relax. While my body softened and surrendered to gravity, my mind raced on, circling through lists of lists and chores and other things so obscure and pointless that I thought I must be going crazy. Someone once said that if we could listen to a record of all the thoughts that go through our brain everyday it would sound like the crazy rants of a lunatic. I thought that my mind was calm during my yoga practice, but I realized that I need a more physically demanding practice to quiet my mind. So I'm wondering what to do with this knowledge. Do I meditate more to quiet my mind, or do I push myself through physically demanding practices to shut up my inner monologue?

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